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Talent selection has never been so fast and effective. Find out why!


CVideo is a web platform to record automated interviews. It is accessible both from a tablet and from a mobile. CVideo allows to select applicants in a fast way and without any loss of time. In the global labor market applicant management is always difficult and time-wasting. Dozens of job seekers apply for the same job, but often recruiters’ expectations from their CV or from a first phone call with them do not turn out to satisfy their selection criteria during the interview in person. According to statistics, 40% of the applicants who are invited to a job interview personally or via webcam do not correspond to the recruiters’ expectations already in the very first minutes. Nevertheless, those interviews can not be interrupted. CVideo aims to shorten the recruitment time by enabling recruiters to weed out unsuitable interviews and those scheduled at inconvenient hours. That way both companies and applicants can gain more useful time and freedom.

CVideo is easy and intuitive to use: recruiters just have to register their profiles, then they can easily create a session for a video interview, by entering the e-mail addresses of the candidates to interview and a set of questions to answer in a maximum 30-minute time. They can also set a maximum time to answer each one. As soon as candidates record their interviews, recruiters will receive a notification via e-mail and will be able to view the recording again, to save the videos for no matter how long and share them. The system always informs applicants that they have to face a real job interview and they can answer the questions only once. The questions appear on the screen. It is a really effective tool, which enables recruiters not to lose any precious time: CVideo helps preselect those applicants whom are worth being interviewed personally. The platform suits both companies and job agencies.

How does it work?



Sign up

Sign up now and get a free credit to make a video interview.



Enter data

Enter your candidates' email addresses and the questions you want to ask them. Once they have recorded their videos, you will be able to see them when you want.



Assess and select

Assess and select your candidates. You can also add your personal comment and share the videos with other people.


Freedom of organization

Freedom of organization

No more live video interviews scheduled at inconvenient hours for recruiters and applicants.

Time saving

Time saving

No more time wasted in interviews with unsuitable candidates. Possibility to compare the answers of your applicants.

Filing and sharing

Filing and sharing

Filing, reviewing and sharing videos is very easy.

Automated job interview

Automated job interview

Just few minutes to upload the video session and the system interviews all the selected applicants automatically.


1 video interview = 1 credit

If some candidates do not record their video interview by the end of the session, the corresponding credits will be returned.

Your video will remain available to view for 2 months. Do you want your video to remain available for longer? No problem! You can extend the storage for 12 months. Every 5 credits you will get one for free!

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